Six things that only happen on Fifa release day

For most people, Friday 29 September probably isn’t that significant – unless you play Fifa.

That’s because it’s the date Fifa 18 is released in the UK and gamers are pretty excited about it.

This is the 25th Fifa game to be made and has new players and stadiums but no major new play features.

Here are some of the things you should expect to see on a very special #FIFAFriday.

Workmates call in sick with a mystery illness

The illness being extreme stress, from deciding which team to start your career with and fatigue to arguing about which Premier League players should have made the top 10.

This also applies to the mates that have cancelled your plans together and given you a rubbish excuse even though you know exactly where they’ll be.

Your significant other stops paying any attention to you

Fifa release day might as well be “International Singles Day” as you won’t expect to see your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband anytime soon and a reply to your text is totally not happening either.

Supermarkets will be ridiculously busy all of a sudden

“I didn’t even know they made physical video games any more” you grumble as you try and force your way through a massive queue to get to the vegetable aisle.

If you have any sense, you’ll probably want to avoid supermarkets on release day, as people frantically camp outside before opening hours to get their hands on the new game.

Even if you were one of the lucky people to pre-order the game, there’s still the small issue of relying on the postman to deliver it.

Cue staring longingly out of your window and scaring your neighbours in the process.

People get overly dramatic about saying goodbye to Fifa 17

We all know that change is hard, so expect to see your timeline filled with dedications to the old game and dramatic deleting of old settings from consoles.

The new soundtrack divides opinion

Lorde, The XX and Stormzy all feature on this year’s soundtrack, which you can listen to while you play.

Not everyone is a fan though, so expect a few arguments and get ready to defend your favourite track.

Now’s also the time to get your claim in that you were a big fan of one of the artists way before the soundtrack came out.

Actual footballers get the game earlier than you

Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea players have all been tweeting about getting their copies early, so you just have to settle with sulking while you wait for your copy and thinking about how cool it must be to get to play as yourself during the game.

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