He-Man e-fit: Lincoln robbery suspect picture ridiculed

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One comment likened the e-fit to He-Man – star of the 1980s American animated television series

An e-fit of a man wanted in connection with an attempted robbery in a park in Lincoln has been ridiculed on social media.

One response to the appeal said simply: “It’s He-Man”.

Another likened the image to 1990s pop star Chesney Hawkes, writing “I am the one and only”.

Lincolnshire Police is yet to respond to a request for a comment but other forces have previously blamed computer errors for questionable e-fits.

Responses on BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Facebook page also included this one: “I know the Sweet had some iffy hits, but “criminal”? really? – likening the image to singer Brian Connolly (pictured below).

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The image was likened to Brian Connolly – lead singer of The Sweet

Posting on the police’s Facebook page, one person said the suspect looked like a computer Sims’ character her five-year-old had created.

Georgina F Carter wrote: “I’m not sure this is quite the response the police were hoping for but this must surely go down in history as the biggest graphics fail of 2017!!!!

“He looks like a Muppet, it’s ridiculous.”

Some criticised the force for posting an e-fit which was distracting from the actual crime.

One person wrote: “I can’t stop laughing at both the e-fit, and all these comments. Perhaps back to the drawing board lads?”

The appeal, which was posted earlier, asked for help to identify a man after an attempted robbery earlier this month in Hartsholme Park, in Lincoln.

The man is described as having blonde unkempt hair and wearing a grey T-shirt.

The victim sustained a minor injury to her cheek, the force said.

In 2016, Northamptonshire Police released an e-fit, which was described as looking “like he was eating a banana sideways”.

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Northamptonshire Police

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Northamptonshire Police defended the e-fit of the suspect who “looked like he was eating a banana sideways”

Other forces have also faced a bit of a backlash over e-fits, including one from a victim in Norfolk, who said about the man in the image below (top right), although the thief had an unusual appearance he “didn’t look that odd”.

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